Industrial Goods

We offer complete logistics services to industrial companies of all types and sizes, from small local businesses to major household names operating in the following subsectors:

  • Energy and Power
  • Mining & Construction
  • Automation
  • General Industrial Goods
  • Rail vehicles and Transportation
  • Medical Equipments
  • Paper and fiber
  • Fire and Building Security

We are proud of our expertise, our integrated end-to-end supply chain services, and the very high environmental and security standards we set for ourselves, and for the international logistics industry.

TML offerings include

Transport logistics

TML provides industrial firms with worldwide, integrated transportation solutions. With industry experts and account managers who understand the industry's challenges, requirements, and legal obligations, we are a preferred logistics service provider to many of the market's largest, most respected businesses. Our search for value and efficiency even extends to helping customers relocate to low-cost manufacturing countries.


TML will always rise to a challenge, and there are plenty of challenges to be found in the sphere of project logistics. We specialize in the sort of complex global forwarding projects characteristic of the industrial sector. Capabilities range from full logistics coordination for large, bulky equipment to transporting major power generators, turbines, and even shifting entire manufacturing plants across the globe. By employing local experts, our project teams can conduct operations anywhere in the world, including to and from remote locations that lack the most rudimentary infrastructure.

These challenges can be so specialized that TML has a dedicated division in place to plan and implement all such project logistics requirements.

The company's solutions include:

  • Logistics engineering (consulting, analysis, design) combined with operational excellence
  • Transport management, including consolidation, warehouse planning and implementation
  • Value-added services, including labeling, order management, inventory planning and management, picking and packing