TML gives you robust and flexible supply chains, enabling you to make timely and informed decisions in response to changes in demand and supply. TML's goal is to help optimize your supply chains.

Our team of committed technology professionals know your industry, whether it is white or brown goods. We are passionate about modifying logistics solutions to your needs – such as security, lead time or price – whilst taking the necessary steps to ensure that the goods arrive on time, every time. This will help free up your resources to focus on innovation rather than day-to-day operations.

The command of choice

The dynamics of the technology industry requires flexibility and scalability in the supply chain. The measures and tools we have introduced for you will give you full freedom to decide on lead times according to your market requirements. This could range from express airfreight through a combination of sea and air shipments all the way to the longest transit time of super slow steaming. By carefully planning, and enabling you to specify your exact requirements on individual shipments, you will be able to reduce your overall cost; both in logistics and inventory holding.